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*Christina*'s Journal
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Friday, November 8th, 2002

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Ow my back.....
OK, so my back has been hurting for like 2 months now. I go to the doctors a bit ago, he gives me pills and I get a shit load of x-rays taken. He tells me to come back in 2 weeks. He calls my house, tells me he need to talk to me and to make an appointment. I go into the doctors today and what does he tell me? O I have a deformed vertebrae. From the x-ray there wasn't enough clarity to see if my disks are 'unusual' as well, so I need to get an MRI and more x-rays taken. He also gives me the next level of pain pills...guess he believes me now that my back hurts..............He also said he doesn't want to tell me anything else until he gets more information. Damn this can't be good.

Current Mood: worried

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