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*Christina*'s Journal
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Monday, November 25th, 2002

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O NO! Not another Monday!
Mondays. They don't like me, I don't like them. We never get along.

I must say I had a pretty nice weekend. Friday night I stayed in and just did homework and slept, very nice. Saturday was the big anniversary. I wake up and I had 2 things of flowers delivered. The first one, a sunflower, had a card that said "From your secret admirer", then the second one said, "Haha, Love Mike". I thought it was funny. Me and Mike just ended up going out to eat then renting a movie and watching it on his couch at home. It was nice to hang out just me and him, a rarity. Then, of course, I went back to LaSalle Sat. night and just stayed there till this morning.

Well today should be nice. Day one of my two day week. Woo Thanksgiving. I must admit, I'm pretty scared. I get my tests taken Wed. for my back. I have to get an MRI which pretty much freaks the shit out of me. I had it scheduled though so I could listen to Howard Stern while I sit in that tube for 45minutes.

I was watching Comedy Central last night and there was this TV show where this guy was wearing a "Co-Ed Naked" shirt. I had to laugh because I thought back in eight grade when Nicole wore one to a dress down day and got in trouble. Haha, that was funny.

Ok, well have a great Monday everybody!!!!

Current Mood: tired

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