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*Christina*'s Journal
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Saturday, December 28th, 2002

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Yup...I am now officially 19 years old. I mad out like a bandit too. Mike got me so much stuff for Christmas and my birthday; even his mom spoiled me so much! She got this shirt and tank top from Abercrombie that I LOVE (i'm saving it to wear on New Years), $15 Subway gift certificates (!), hair ties, and a thing of bamboo which is really cool.
Then Mike....pheww this is a long list......got me:
~Beauty and the Beast Special Edition DVD (and illustratration student's dream)
~Justin Timberlake Cd (shh dont tell anyone)
~A red sweater from American Eagle that is so cute
~2 pairs of GAP sweatpants because I had no clothes for physical therapy

Yeah, so all in all, since I am so materialistic, I had a fabulous Christmas and birthday. Pretty nice.........

Current Mood: high

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