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*Christina*'s Journal
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Monday, January 10th, 2005

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Las Vegas
Well I'm back in LA....>VEGAS WAS AWESOME!

Friday night, we went to a club called Rumjungle in the Mandallay Bay...it was like a rainforest, but with alot more drinking! The freaking city was like all nerdy old guys because of the CES electronic convention (over 750,000 people go to it)....

Saturday during the day we went to about every damn casino...then that night, we went to the PALMS!!!!!! We were on the 86th floor at the Ghostbar, which is on the roof of the casino and you can see the whole damn city. On the balcony, you can stand on this piece of glass that has nothing underneath it, and all you see is the street below you. SCARY SHIT!!!

7 7 7 BABY!!!

Don't YOU wish YOU coiuld feel up Caesar???


o yes, and nik, I got my pic with ELVIS on his 70th!

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