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*Christina*'s Journal
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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

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My Last Day in LA
At 2 o clock, I have an appointment with my sis's hair guy. He's Australian and his name is Razor.scary stuff, I don't know what he's going to do, but I have a feeling I'm going to look nuts. O well, I never really gave a shit what color my hair is....as long as its not Aqua or something!

Then tongiht I'm going to Tuesdays at Nationale...which is a suppossedly huge hotspot, so I'm sure it'll be a site to see

O yeah, and Nik, not only was I with Elvis and had a pomp....but I also got a kick ass pair of black leather cowboy boots! It has been such a Nik tribute week!

Yeah and I'm fucking PISSED.....got my grades, I got a B in fucking Sequential, and a B+ in fucking Web Design. Ok, I can understand Sequential, but I seriously did every assignment on time and fully, which kinda pisses me off. BUT FUCKING WEB DESIGN?!?!?! I was finished my website two weeks before it was due, and I thought it was really good...she didnt tell me to change a god damn thing that whole time, so why the bad grade? My gpa is still good though, 3.5, but still.should have been better. GOD DAMMIT!

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