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*Christina*'s Journal
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Sunday, February 13th, 2005

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Went to the car show with my pops and my brother. We're looking to find which car would be good for me when I graduate.............>Although I HIGHLY enjoyed the Mini Cooper, my pops does not like it DAMMIT!

Looks like the Saturn Vue SUV is gonna be the one we go with. Big decision, I'll be driving the mofo for like the next 8 years!

And afterwards we went to the Smoked Joint (15th and Locust) for din din. Now, I'm not a BBQ person, but the food was UNBELIEVABLE. The best damn ribs I have ever smelled, tasted, enjoyed, etc. I HIGHLY recommend it! Plus, I know the bartender and I'm sure he could use your tips! SO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, its official, ME KATE AND DESIREE ARE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bikini body time! Gotta go to the gym again!

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