August 9th, 2005

How weird is my life???

So my sister's friend Ojani she's been dating for a while called me up because he wants help posting something on eBay. Weird thing is: he's Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband and he wants to sell his suit from their wedding out of spite because JLo sold her wedding ring on eBay and got $50,000 for it. I'm going to get a cut of what it sells for too. This probably will get on those Insider and Access Hollywood shows, so keep an eye out. lol

As for a real job, I haven't had any luck. Sent out resumes, no interviews. I've just been doing odd jobs, like murals and face painting. I did stuff for this design company out of LA for a tv show on FX called "Always sunny in Philadelphia", if you happen to see any promos for it...I took the photos of the city and of shoes on wires and shit. Actually paid pretty well. I've been using my friends to send my resume and website around for me. I've been told that the design company loves me, so maybe something will come of that place. Other than that, I'm totally broke and bored.