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*Christina*'s Journal
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. "the good girl":
    Ahh. Jennifer Anniston movie. Big minded girl stuck in a little city. I can relate. I'm a small minded girl in a big city....har har.
  2. bright mac eyeshadow:
    Ahh one of my addictions. I have quite the collection.
  3. dancing with myself:
    and not well I might add
  4. flip flops:
    all year round. It's a weird pet peev I have. I hate having to put on shoes before I go out, I like just sliding them on.....after flip flops, ballet flats are pretty great.
  5. howard stern:
    Ahh....I only have him for free for a few more months. maybe if and when i get a job and car I'll get satelite
  6. johnny cash:
    I'm gonna break, I'm gonna break, I'm gonna break right out my cage and run.
  7. money:
    I'm interested in it more when I actually HAVE it.
  8. peanut butter:
    O damn, that sounds really good right now.
  9. sex and the city:
    wow when was the last time i updated my interests. Desperate Housewives has taken over for me.
  10. spooning:
    one of my favorite pasttimes. can't get enough of it.

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