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*Christina*'s Journal
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Thursday, November 10th, 2005

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Well it's been a long time.

Things here have been boring, but hectic still.

My parents are selling the house that I grew up in. And its been crazy kinda clearing stuff out and getting it ready for open houses and such. They found the house they're moving into, and its amazing....huge backyard, oversized garage for my dad and his car......they're very excited. My mom called it her 'dream house', and its awesome.

Me on the other hand. I suck. I haven't done a single thing Illustration wise. Which is why I haven't updated. I'm ashamed and didn't want to update unless I had some sort of good news...but there is none. I just don't feel like I can have a good job here.....and I know I would suck freelancing. I don't know what to do.

I totally miss you guys BIG TIME. I still kinda feel like its summer vacation and I'm coming back and get to hang out all together and goof off and bitch about Sage, Brandy, etc.......lol

<3 you big time.

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