*Christina* (habbypie) wrote,

Hey guys! Long time, no update =)

Christmas and my bday was great.....got lots of goodies. I got Satelite Radio, which is awesome. I'm pissed though bc my radio as of today is fucked up and has to be exchanged, so I'll have to live like two days without it! As long as its up and running for Stern!!!

As for work, I have an interview on Jan 4th for an IRS job, whoopie. And I've been selling stuff on eBay for myself, which surprisingly, has made me a lot of money recently. I'm basically wasting time until my parents get moved and settled in, so I can move. Not much I can do but wait..........

Also, since Blingo has been so kick ass (Thanks Nik, I use it all the time!).....I wanted to recommend this site:

Get Paid To Read Emails

I started using it alot, and its not like you'll make hundreds of dollars, but I am up to like $75 now....so its legit.....check it out, it really only takes like 5 minutes.

Hope all is well! <3 you!
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