*Christina* (habbypie) wrote,

Hey guys!

Well I was working with this woman doing a vintage clothing store...and let's just say it didn't work out well.

I felt like I was doing all the work, and only getting a small portion. So right now, I am in the works for opening up my own online store and eBay store for vintage clothing and t-shirts. I learned a lot at that job, and I now know how easy it really could be to do it all myself, and I know how much money there is to be made. I have a good amount of inventory, have more coming in from wholesalers next week...and am working on making my own t-shirt to produce and sell also. Also going to auctions and bidding on items to resell on ebay too. Not to mention, company paid shopping trips, whoo hoo!!!! VERY ILLUSTRATION RELATED, haha!

I need you girls help though! I can't decide on a name, and for a while, me and my sis were just calling it "Christina's Rack", just thought it was a little funny double entendre....but I am getting a lot of bad feedback on it. Just thought it could be cute bc I could have pin up girls and make it all retro, then have slogans like "Thanks for checking out the merchandise." Haha...I really don't know what to call the damn thing! It can't just be like "Something Vintage" because we'll be selling newer stuff too. I don't know!!!! AHH! I thought if I could use the word ReHab in the title, that could be cool because of my last name. Too much presure!

Hope all is well....I miss you all!
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