*Christina* (habbypie) wrote,


Hey guys!!! It's been a bit so I thought I'd update

Yes, its Saturday night and I'm a big loser. The past week I've been pretty flu-ish, and have been hanging out. I'm giving it one more day to go away, haha.....I really didn't mean for that to rhyme!

I've been quite busy with my little business venture. I worked on a new website layout, and I like it so much better! Frames are so much easier to update, nik! Thank you for all that help! I still can't get it to not say "Untitled Document" at the top for some reason....but other than that I like it!

But business is good, sales are good. I had a nice first month. Posting was slacking due to sickness, so eek!

I also have been working on a package design for my brothers company, and god....i hate it, ha! I am so not a graphic designer, and it totally has me stumped!

Well other than that, all is well! I miss you all, and hope to see you at the senior show! (dear god a year already!)

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